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Since the Way was established in 2002 there has been a hope that an alternative route could be established on part of this section that would eliminate some of the road walking on the minor roads.
We are now able starting from March 2008 to amend the official route in such a way as to effectively eliminate all but three short sections of pavement or road walking replacing a section of about 4 miles of minor road from Aberfeldy to Strathtay with an attractive riverside path and countryside track.
The offical route is now as described below.

Starting from the centre of Aberfeldy staying on the south bank of the River Tay until Grandtully and then crosses the river at the bridge in Grandtully, this section leading directly into Strathtay where it connects with an established Right of Way for the balance of the walk over to the Tummel valley.

For those who have known the walk from it establishment please note that there has been an improvement to this section of the route, this replacing 4 miles of road walking with attractive riverside and forest walking. O/S maps may still show the route on the Weems Road, however the details below explain the enhanced route.

Riverside walk to the 
east of Dewar's World of Whisky

Riverside walk to the east of Dewar's World of Whisky

Starting from the centre of Aberfeldy take the footpath along the A827 road as it leads east towards Ballinluig. The first 3/4 mile is within the Aberfeldy community as it passes the caravan park then Dewar's World of Whisky on the right hand side. Just past the cemetery on the left is open ground/parking and at the far end of the area this new riverside walk descends onto the banks of the Tay.

The path is first single file and close to the waters edge, the roadway is close and to the right above, but you do feel remote from the traffic, and as the walk procees further the roadway at times is totally out of sight.

You can enjoy great river views down the Tay and across to the north bank and the Braes of Cluny. The route sometimes takes to the edge of grazing fields, and here the walker will see the investment that has been made in both new fencing and walkers' gates to establish this attractive walking path.

A wooden pedestrian bridge has been constructed and there are also signs of tree planting, all bringing interest to this walking section.

Approximately half way between the riverside path's start at the cemetery park and Grandtully the footpath leads onto the old railway line embankment and this is now the line of the path directly into the centre of Grandtully. This railway cutting is good for walking and has quite a variety of surroundings, from pine and fir forests to elevated views of the River Tay, and for long sections a total remoteness from the roadway and habitation to the south.

To the south of the path and out of immediate view are Pitcairn with its historic church and Grandtully Castle.

River Tay

River Tay
Crossing the Cultullich Burn

Pedestrian bridge over Cultullich Burn
Railway track walk

Railway track walk

Bridge over Tay

Tay Bridge at Grandtully

As the walker approaches the housing at Grandtully they should avoid coming out onto the pavement at the roadside close to the bridge that crosses the dismantled railway line. Keep straight ahead until the track runs out at the next bridge where the old railway entered the station and a good area. Now turn left and walk the short distance to the main road in the centre of Grandtully opposite to "The Inn on the Tay".

To now proceed towards the section over the Dunfallandy Hill take the road crossing the Tay to the junction at the War Memorial then follow the narrow road to the right uphill for about 200 metres till you arrive at a "Y" junction with the golf course staight ahead.
As the road joins from the left and curves to the right turn left off the public road onto the public right of way that leads to Pitlochry.

Follow this track and immediately bear to the right then up a track that crosses one of the golf fairways, taking care as you approach. Past the fairway the path starts to climb up through woods with the small Tullypowrie Burn running on the right. Pass by Tullypowrie then cross the burn to the right hand side on a small wooden bridge, climb to the top of the wooded area which then opens out with a high deer fence on the right.

About a 100 metres up the line of the fence there is a gate, cross through and head north east following a relatively well defined path over open grazing. The next gate is towards the NW end of the dividing fence. Once through continue NE towards a clear corner of the forestation that is ahead on the rise. We strongly recommend that you take a look back over the pathway, looking west to Schiehallion, Ben Lawers and the Tay Valley.


Looking west along the Tay Valley from Tullypowrie

Forest track

Forest Track close to the Stone Circle

Enter the forest over a high stile, taking the track straight ahead. This is a clear open forest track, at the first T junction continue straight on. Along this section there is a pre-historic stone circle set about 20 metres to the left. The next junction is a crossroads with the path straight ahead being a grass track. Take this more attractive route starting the descent towards the Tummel Valley. The grass path soon rejoins the forest road approaching from the right, and at this point cross the track and take the grass path opposite which proceeds steeply downhill. As you descend there will be glimpses through the trees of Pitlochry lying below.

This path comes to the forest fence then onto a vehicle track that zig zags down hill till it reaches a metalled road above Middleton of Fonab Farm. Continue down this straight road until you reach the A9 Dunkeld to Blair Atholl road. Walker need to take extra special care while crossing this section of the A9 as it can be very busy with traffic, especially in the holiday season.

Fonab Forest

View over Pitlochry from Fonab Forest


Road to Pitlochry at Middleton of Fonab

Immediately across the road there is a narrow residential road running down to a junction with the Pitlochry Festival Theatre on the left. You are now close to the end of the walk, but if you wish to reach the centre of Pitlochry, take the road below the entrance to the theatre and as it approaches the Tummel River at Port-na-Craig there is a footbridge to the right.

Cross the river Tummel and on the other side pass up the side of some bungalows. At the roadway into the houses take to a footpath opposite marked to the town centre through the woods, going under the railway line them immediately turning right for about twenty metres before emerging at the north west corner of the Memorial Park. This is the end of the Rob Roy Way, the park's main entrance being on the main road through Pitlochry.


Memorial Park in Pitlochry

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