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West towards Ardtalnaig and Loch Tay

If you stick to the main Way from Ardtalnaig, you reach Aberfeldy after 14.6 miles, whilst if you follow this detour through Glen Almond and Glen Quaich you will rejoin the Way at the top of the Birks of Aberfeldy after 30.4 miles/48.9 km. This is too far to walk in a single day, but may be feasible for fit cyclists with suitable bikes and a willingess to carry their bike over some sections. The detour adds 16 miles (26 km) to the distance overall, and for many walkers will be a step too far, adding at least one extra day and perhaps two.

Note that since the hotel at Amulree closed, walkers need transport to split this over two days unless accommodation and food can be found elsewhere. However it visits two lovely glens and a remote loch, cutting out a stretch of the South Loch Tay road. For some, it may be the highlight of the holiday.

If the idea appeals but your time is short, consider doing the section from Ardtalnaig to Amulree only: it is a superb wilderness experience with no turbines and hardly any road-walking. That way you need only one taxi or lift from Amulree to Aberfeldy (11.3 miles on the A822) to resume the main Way. Note that you would need to pre-arrange a collection time at Amulree: rural taxis need to be booked in advance.

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30.4 miles (48.9 km) from Ardtalnaig to rejoin the main Way above Aberfeldy, though a shortcut can save 5.5 miles (8.9 km)


The trail undulates and several times pushes above 450 m, but mostly runs on sound 4x4 track or very minor road

Maximum altitude: 529 m (1740 ft)

Food & drink

Unless the former Amulree Hotel were to reopen and serve food (seems unlikely as of 2022) there is no food & drink anywhere in this long section

Places of interest

Glen Almond  provides a real wilderness experience with its drumlins, ruined farm buildings and war memorial; Glen Quaich has small settlements, a fine church at Amulree and lovely Loch Freuchie.

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